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Welcome to Sea Wolf Security, a fully professional and coordinated security company based in the North East of England. Located in Houghten-le-Spring, we cover all neighbouring regions, spanning Newcastle to Darlington.

Our Services

Surveillance contributes largely to the way Sea Wolf operates, taking an approach of using heads before hands and monitoring individuals. Our CCTV Operators oversee several channels, recording activity, tracking movement and raising alerts. The excellent Door Operators we have are vigilant and watchful in order to gather intelligence. Finally, with more commercial properties becoming victims of burglary, an alarm is not as reassuring as having one of our professional security guards on the premises.

Training & Certification

With each of our staff licenced by the Security Idustry Authority (SIA), each member of our team is equipped with the appropriate hardware to ensure stability when called upon, providing excellent protection to safeguard your customers.

What is the SIA?

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is a Security standard set out by the Home Office which is requried for security personnel. For more information, please visit their website.